Branding guidelines

My business does have a logo, a letterhead, business cards and an email sign off... but that's about it!

No idea what your company branding rules should be? Perhaps you've never had to produce a set of branding guidelines because until now, you've done everything in-house, with home-spun printed media and a basic website.

How will you know how that translates to banner ads on other people's websites, onto a printed publicity pack or a conference brochure, or indeed... the brand new website and mobile app you're thinking of building?

Maybe your branding no longer reflects your product and services (let's face it, even established giants like Google have a facelift once in a while!).

We can help!

Let us use our in-house design expertise to help create you a set of guidelines you can use anywhere, with a custom colour palette, logo variations, and fonts.

Unify your brand across all your marketing channels and documents, both internally and externally, online and offline, and see your business become more profitable by creating trust and familiarity through brand consistency.

Your brand is you when you're not there.

When customers visit your website, open your email, find that pen or business card lurking in the bottom of their desk drawer and remember you... what will they remember? Will they associate your branding with your business and what you do? Or will they be piecing together the jigsaw of your company identity as they glance from your business card to your website, wondering if they've found the right company, and which one they should believe? You have less than a second to reach your customer on a very deep level, and communicate all of these things. You get one chance to do it right. Why not take a look at our own brand guidelines, to give you an idea of what we could produce for you.

Let us help you define your brand guidelines for your success both online, and offline.

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