Content Strategy

Why do I need a content strategy?

Your content is everything. (Well, almost everything!) The tone, timing and the type of content you publish speaks volumes about your brand, and your services. Timely blogging, content that is easy for your audience to understand and engaging content such as video and imagery can really make the difference between a website that's just 'ok' to one that really captures your audience and grows the brand loyalty you need in order to turn your prospects into customers. And to keep your existing customers coming back time and again.

We'll help you create content that hits the spot

Along with a great overall digital marketing strategy, and a well-built and structured website, a co-ordinated, consistent, and well composed content strategy will give you the power to reach more of your audience, get them hooked, and keep them interested. It'll help your search engine rankings by making sure your content is as relevant as it can be, and keep your presence current and front of mind with your audience. It can also help your professional networking and business partnerships, and keep your website fresh and exciting. With our content management tools and professional guidance, you can keep your online presence alive and kicking.

Content structuring

Once you've refined the key messages for your website in line with your brand, the first step is to decide how best to categorise, link and structure your content (whether hosted on your website, or on your social networks for example).

We can then advise you how best to make these decisions and open up opportunities to keep your visitors on your website for longer. Some examples are:

  • Feeds of content based on similar content to the article being viewed ('You May Also Like...')
  • Feeds of promoted content for your home page - e.g. news articles and case studies (see our own home page as an example)
  • Feeds of content from your other online channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter (see our footer)
  • Videos, image slideshows and galleries
  • Search functionality that returns meaningful and filterable results for your visitors

Why bother with content structuring and information architecture?

  • Makes all your content easy to rationalise for your own content management
  • Having sensible structure for your website mean a more consistent experience for your visitors and provides easier navigation
  • In the future you have options for integrating with new technologies 

Best of all, we make the whole process simple for you

We can do many things to make your content work harder (and your content author's lives easier and more productive!).

  • We can apply automatic image styles to you don't need to worry about getting your images ready for the web and cropped in all the right sizes etc. - your website will dynamically place them correctly for all devices
  • The same applies to your font styles and copy
  • While creating content, all you need to do is complete simple data entry forms and the rest is magically taken care of
  • We can help you to create whole programmes of scheduled content, that will release gradually on the dates and times you set, and publish automatically to your social networks or other systems
  • ...and so much more!

Content administration needn't be a mammoth task. Lets create the right content strategy for you.

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