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The Real Life Digital story

Picture the scene… it’s 2007, the London Olympics are still 5 years away, Apple has just announced the very first iPhone and Real Life Design (as we were back then) has started providing technological solutions to bluechip clients like Sony and Marks and Spencer.

In 2007, the online world was a different place. There were a variety of social media platforms competing for market share, web browsers were largely incompatible with each other and understanding how to make the most of the emergent web was baffling and complex for Marketing Managers, Business Analysts and Creative Directors alike.


Divide and conquer

There was a huge communication and technical divide between those who ‘got’ the technology (the geeks) and those who could see the huge potential and wanted to leverage it for their business. They just weren’t sure how to.

Clients often placed considerable trust in technical consultants to meet business requirements by building tech solutions. The client was often not in the driving seat and was at the mercy of the aforementioned ‘geeks’.

Meanwhile, those ‘geeks’ often didn’t fully appreciate the business aims underpinning the solutions they were building.

Large software vendors often implemented aggressive sales strategies whilst their solutions didn't match what the client needed. Or they simply didn’t offer good value for money.

At the other end of the scale, freelance developers couldn’t provide the long-term, after-care support their clients really needed. The very nature of their business model meant they were always moving on to the next contract.

Over time, demand for feature-rich websites and software solutions grew. However, there didn't appear to be a decent middle-ground offering between the expensive gold-plated solutions provided by the large companies, and the pragmatic get-things-done approach of freelance developers.

Timing was perfect for a new way.


Along came Real Life Digital

From its inception Real Life Digital’s aim was to bridge the gap between people and technology. This was, and continues to be, achieved by marrying good communication, technical expertise and responsive support whilst maintaining focus on the client’s return on investment.

The ‘Real Life’ ethos was, and still is, about solving your web-based problems in the most down-to-earth and effective manner possible. This has been achieved by eliminating the time-consuming project management layer often used by large creative agencies. In our experience, this often results in delays and miscommunication.



Clients tell us that we have found a formula that works for them and which means that they like working with us.

Our clients speak directly with our creative and technical team, leading to quicker turnaround times. Efficient and direct communication makes our clients lives as simple as possible when they work with us.

The Real Life Digital team work across disciplines, are fluent in project management and are great communicators.

Even today, that is quite a unique offering in our industry.


Going Digital

By 2015, the term 'Digital Agency' was becoming more common. However, we felt that 'Digital Solutions' was a more accurate description of the projects we had delivered for clients.

What’s more, by this time web design had taken on so many different, ambiguous meanings that it was time to rebrand as Real Life Digital.


What does this mean for you?

Retaining our values was never in doubt. Rebranding was the perfect opportunity to fine tune our focus on giving clients greater value and a wider service offering in the digital space.


Communication is key

As a typical Real Life Digital client, you are not usually technically minded. You are an expert in your own area or are a business manager. As such, we have become adept at tuning in to different needs, concerns and communication styles across our clients' organisational structures. This means that you receive our services in a way that meets your needs.

When you choose us as your web partner, we give you confidence that we will simply "take care of it" when it comes to technical matters.

You don’t want to be bored by the nitty-gritty technical matters in the same way you wouldn't expect a bricklayer to show you how to lay bricks - that's what you hired them for!


Best practice comes as standard

By choosing Real Life Digital, you benefit from our investment in research, development and Continuous Professional Development. This means that you can rest assured the latest best practices are being used for your projects. We explore all opportunities to bring even greater value to the table and keep you ahead of your competitors.


Building relationships – not just websites

Throughout our journey, we've remained true to our ethos and values. We are immensely proud to have built strong, lasting relationships with our clients where we are often viewed as a natural extension to their core business. Clients value the responsive and proactive working relationships they benefit from.


Planning ahead

Looking to the future, we are excited to be extending our service offering, enabling clients to capitalise on various emerging technologies. But this doesn’t mean we’ll stop looking for ways to improve what we already do! We continually look for ways to improve our processes and offer greater value to our clients.

I believe that everything we do should challenge our clients to think differently about their websites. We spend the time to understand our clients' problems and ambitions so we can support their sales and marketing goals. Our team is committed to providing web solutions that directly solve challenging problems. Our core belief is that technology is the means; not the end.

Barry Fisher


Barry Fisher - Director

Key people

Barry Fisher - Director

Barry Fisher

Technical Director

Barry leads the Real Life Digital team to deliver quality digital products. He has a background in helping people to use technology to automate business tasks for over 10 years. He loves to investigate business challenges and devise unique solutions. His technical expertise spans a variety of open-source technologies and Linux server administration. He can sometimes be found listening to Cuban music, practising piano or working on open-source projects.

Darren Fisher - Designer & Frontend Dev

Darren Fisher

Designer & Frontend Dev

Darren is our digital designer and frontend developer, although he also works as a consultant and backend developer as well. He handles the majority of our website projects from start to finish. Darren's background is in print design and he has a knack for translating static designs into organic, responsive websites and applications. Darren's passions outside of work include beer, boxing, board games, chillies and hip-hop in no particular order!

Jules Manning - Business Support

Jules Manning

Business Support

Jules is something of a converted technophobe but her patience with technology remains pretty low. As such, she is a good advocate for ensuring our clients' websites and applications are intuitive. She has an eye for detail and makes sure we develop sites as clearly as possible for end users and site managers. When Jules isn't fighting off modern technology, she is a dance teacher, singer/songwriter, author and enjoys growing organic fruit and veg.

Our Extended Team & The Drupal Community

Our extended network of trusted people includes front and back end developers who we regularly bring in to work on specific projects depending on which expertise are required.

Our Trusted Service Provider Partners

We're also partnered with specialists in content creation, search engine optimisation (SEO) and hosting so that we can all work together to bring you the best results for your business.

Web Results Direct

We often encourage our clients to engage Web Results Direct to aid in search engine optimised written content creation and post-site launch consultancy on SEO. Web Results Direct have a proven track record of improving our clients' search ranking both organically and via paid campaigns.

We work closely with as a hosting provider because it means that we can benefit from working with a tried and tested hosting platform whilst you get to manage your direct relationship with the hosting company directly. This means no middle-people and fewer obstacles to launch.

Névé Studios

Something that really makes a website stand out amongst the competition is original, high-quality photography and videography. Our partnership with Névé Studios means that you'll have access to a team of highly experienced and professional visual content creators.