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  • The TraffiGlove website presented on an Apple MacBook laptop, iPad tablet and iPhone smart phone
  • The TraffiGlove website presented on an Apple MacBook laptop
  • The TraffiGlove website presented on an Apple iPad tablet shown landscape
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  • The TraffiGlove website presented on an Apple iPhone smart phone shown landscape
  • The TraffiGlove website presented on an Apple iPhone smart phone shown portrait

TraffiGlove are a Safety Glove manufacturer, famous for inventing the original colour-coded traffic light system that shows the glove wearer the cut protection of the glove at a glance. We have worked with TraffiGlove for a long time on various projects but this was our first opportunity to design and build a complete product for them from start to finish.

The Requirements

We last worked with TraffiGlove back in 2013, when we created a complex direct-to-consumer eCommerce system for them. Since then, TraffiGlove have expanded and grown significantly and place more focus on supporting their distributors, business-to-business. Coupled with this shift in their business requirements TraffiGlove had become aware of recent changes to the way users consume content and information through a variety of devices, including mobiles and tablets. TraffiGlove were keen to refine and modernise their website, make it responsive and improve search engine ranking (SEO) and usability. The brief was the type of brief that we love here at Real Life Digital. Strip everything back. Get back to the core points. Refine. Modernise.

The Solutions

We set about tackling these new requirements from a design approach first. Most of the early conversations revolved around the responsive design requirement (so that users could access the site from desktop, laptop, tablet and phones). We started from scratch, rebuilding visuals from the header down, adopting contemporary flat-design principles and presented TraffiGlove with a complete overhaul of the visual style and layout of the site.

With a few tweaks we signed off on the design style and began re-building the site. Some structural data was able to be imported but most of the site was either re-written or extended to a degree that it made sense to re-define and re-enter the data. Much of the content of the site was to be more detailed and intrinsically linked together to enhance the user experience. We worked hard to clearly define all content entities within the site so that articles would include picture galleries, themed testimonials, file downloads and more detailed “tagging” to allow site expansion at a later date if required.

We improved usability by employing current best practise web conventions and stripping back the design style to a minimum to de-clutter and reduce cognitive load on the audience. Simple changes from the previous site; such as moving the search box from the footer to the header, moving supplementary menus from the right to the left and making call-to-action buttons distinguishable from boxes went a long way towards making the site more user-friendly. We also tried to avoid any one page becoming a dead end, instead creating relevant calls-to-action, menus and inline links to aid the user in continuing their journey around the site quickly and easily.

By expanding the site in size, making  and giving TraffiGlove more freedom to write better and longer news stories and case studies (each with their own page) we were able to improve search engine ranking (SEO) dramatically with year on year website statistics showing a visitor traffic increase of +320% YoY (with a +200% increase YoY from mobile devices). We ensured each page had easily editable meta tags and that every image had a title and alt tag to increase visibility to search engines and screen readers. We placed self-updating feeds on many pages to keep the pages updated and relevant and implemented a daily self-updating XML sitemap for search engines to crawl through.

We greatly increased the detail attributed to each product and vastly improved upon the usability of the TraffiSearch product finder to aid users in discovering information on each glove quickly and easily.

In Summary

The project was a huge success upon launch with positive feedback from both the client and the site's end users. The site is highly responsive and passed Google's responsive tests improving the websites search engine rankings and placing them on the first page of results. The new TraffiGlove website is now more on-brand than its predecessor and has a clear and simple navigable structure which gets users to their end goal faster. Since launch, the site continues evolving with the business and we continue to support TraffiGlove with continued new projects and expansions to their website capabilities. We've enjoyed being a part of TraffiGlove's success for over the last few years, and we look forward to enjoying many more with this great client.

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Franz Lorenschitz - Marketing Manager at TraffiGlove
Since the launch of the new site we have seen a dramatic increase in traffic particularly from smartphones and a significant reduction in the bounce rate. Customer feedback to date has been very complementary. We have been more than delighted with the solution that Real Life Digital has developed for TraffiGlove.
Franz Lorenschitz
Marketing Manager

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