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Datum Datacentres are highly secure data centre who provide a robust co-location service for business critical IT, tailored to meet the requirements of security-conscious enterprises and service providers. Datum is trusted by an impressive and growing client list from both the private and public sectors, serving vertical markets from Finance and Insurance through IT Security Services and Defence, and including companies from the FTSE 250 and Fortune 500.

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Datum launched in 2012 to provide a robust colocation service for business critical IT, delivered from our highly engineered secure data centre in Farnborough. We needed a new website to reflect the fact that the business has grown and developed since the launch with an impressive and expanding client list. We turned to Real Life Digital, unsure of exactly what we needed to change, and with their help and advice we now have a highly responsive, compelling site that better suits our service-based business. Barry and Darren were helpful throughout, guiding me through what was for me the unfamiliar world of Drupal, taking over the technical discussions with our previous hosting company as that was beyond my comfort level, and providing advice and solutions whenever needed. I would thoroughly recommend their service.
Lexie Gower - Marketing Manager at Datum Datacentres
Lexie Gower
Marketing Manager

Initially we worked with Datum to identify some key areas for business improvement which the website should aim to solve or at least aid in solving. Datum were able to identify that they needed to increase overall traffic and visibility of their online presence, and that they have very low visibility on sales journeys that users were taking through their existing website. Another issue that was highlighted was that marketing and sales activities were not fully joined together into a single strategy.

To resolve these issues we identified three key objectives that the new website should aim to fulfil.

1. The website should aim to increase overall traffic by 50%.
2. The website should integrate with third party analytics to increase visibility on user journeys throughout the website.
3. The website should aim to improve the content creation process and allow third party consultants to easily further the marketing and sales goals.

Datum and Real Life Digital working through data in a workshop

We knew the key to improving the user experience was to identify the main user groups and then focus content on these particular groups. With Datum we managed to identify two main user types: Enterprise and Service Providers.

A decision was made early-on to actually have these two different user types as main menu entries, giving these two vastly different user types their own custom landing pages to discover Datum's offering.

By running workshops and collating the available data Real Life Digital and Datum were able to hone in on these two key user groups and map out their goals, desires and concerns.

    Enterprise and Service Providers are Datum's two main clients and as such have their own landing pages

    Through continued workshops we discovered that Enterprise users would:

    • Tend to have bespoke requirements
    • Tend to be more familiar with co-location, although experience would be varied
    • Benefit from FAQs in order to provide decision makers with quick answers
    • Tend to follow a longer sales cycle, and that each year the cycle increases
    • Consider cloud services as an alternative solution even though these services are not directly comparable to co-location
    • Benefit from understanding for fully how colocation works in comparison to cloud services

    We were also able to ascertain some key concerns and desires for these users:

    • A typical enterprise contact will be a head of IT operations (non-executive level) who is risk averse, and therefore trust is of the utmost importance.
    • Enterprise users often look for proof that Datum can deliver as an external partner - for example, being able to assist in large data centre migrations and alleviate as many headaches as possible.
    • Enterprise client need to be sure they are making the right choice in using Datum as there is a lot at stake.
    The Enterprise landing page on a MacBook next to a glass of coffee

    We were also able to ascertain that Service Provider users would:

    • Help Datum to grow as when the client's service base grows, so do their requirements for rack space
    • Present good opportunities for low-cost repeat business

    We were also able to ascertain some key concerns and desires for these users:

    • Service providers want to understand why they should choose Datum
    • They want reliability and flexibility to grow when required
    • They want reassurance that the service will help them meet their SLAs to their clients
    • They may want to treat the facility as their own data centre in front of their clients
    The Service Providers landing page on a MacBook on a desk with an iPod, and iPhone and a piece of modern art

    We set about architecting the new system with the key users in mind, and with a focus on clear user journeys and clear calls to action. It became clear from our workshops that the majority of Datum's conversions happen when potential clients visit the facility and take a tour and thus it was decided that the key call to action for the site should be to get users to book a tour.

    An example page from the Datum website highlighting the calls to action to book a tour

    Datum also run SEM campaigns on custom landing pages and we knew that these pages needed to be engaging and functional at the same time. Drupal's content management system allows Datum and their content creation company to quickly whip up striking and bespoke landing pages with custom forms to gather client data and offer exclusive downloads such as whitepapers.

    An example of a custom landing page shown on an Apple MacBook outside on a bench next to a flower pot

    Datum also required a gated area for clients known internally as Datum Connect. This area serves as a directory of in-house services - and a forum for the Datum eco-system. We used some logic to control the content of this page so that logged in users can access the directory, whereas users without a login can find out why they might want to become a member of Datum Connect by moving their business data over to Datum.

    The gated Datum Connect area log in screen shown on a Google Nexus phone

    In addition to all this we built Datum a custom blogging platform to publish their articles, thoughts and news, a resource centre for generic downloads such as factsheets and brochures, an FAQ (or Q&A) to answer commonly asked questions and integrated the site with Datum's custom analytics software as well as Google Analytics and other third party plugins.

    The blog page shown on an Apple iPad which is laid on a desk next to a pair of reading glasses

    Post launch, there has been positive response to the new website, particularly with regard to the usability, and clear calls to action. The landing pages have already proved successful, seeing both a boost in traffic and increased level of interaction. We continue to support Datum with updates, new development and advice and look forward to the success this new site will bring them.

    A tour taking place inside Datum's datacentre

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