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Real Life Digital's brand guidelines


Brand guidelines

Examples of inconsistent and consistent branding

Build your brand on solid foundations

Your brand is the first thing the majority of your potential audience will see. It's the first thing they'll ever know about you and first impressions are everything in business.

You'll want to build on a solid foundation, by establishing some consistency for your brand. This will range from simple logo placement and sizing rules to company colour palettes, typefaces and brand voice.

Without establishing rules for your team and suppliers to work with, you'll quickly find yourself in a wild west of brand inconsistencies.

Issues such as a lack of defined company colours, different typefaces being used across web and print and conflicting brand voice in your marketing materials will ultimately damage trust in your business and have a negative impact on sales.

Where to begin

Real Life Digital have a talented and experienced in-house design and branding team to help craft brand guidelines from your existing brand or indeed create a new brand if that's what you're looking for.

The brand guidelines we produce typically include rules for your logo (variations, placement and sizes), colour palettes, typography and brand voice but for more extensive brands we might also include an email signature example, clothing guidelines, photography rules and anything else that helps define key aspects of your brand.

Unify your brand across all your marketing channels, both internally and externally, online and offline, and see your business become more profitable by creating trust and familiarity through brand consistency.

Want to see an example? Check out our own brand guidelines on our public resources page.

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