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Custom software applications

Have you been told it's not possible?

Imagine this... you have a business process that's driving you crazy and you want to streamline it and automate some of it.

You could really do with a new application to manage all this, which is secure, allows different groups of people to perform different tasks... oh and you have a set of legacy systems it needs to work with...

Don't panic!

We will start with a requirements workshop so we can work as a team to break your specific needs down into bitesize chunks, validate them with you in the shape of personas, user stories, user flows, pretotypes and prototypes and work with you to create a minimum lovable product that hits the spot, so you can get launched early.

We can even help you with your branding.

Then we can carry on improving your product in iterations as real people use it and give you feedback, and analyse your data with you to ensure your new product is hitting it's KPIs and help you to define where your next opportunities are. We can even help you with content strategy and digital marketing so you can engage and grow your audience and keep your website visible in search engines. Whatever you want your application to be - an online shop, an appointment booking system, a document store, a forum, a consultation portal, an intranet, an extranet... the only limit is your imagination.

Many of the websites and applications we build need to consider historical data, content and systems. We use a suite of tools that allow us to take existing data and import it into new sites - allowing for cleanups along the way. We can build imports 'intelligently' creating rules and processes to make sure your data goes from A to B with ease. We can also build systems and processes that will play nicely with your legacy systems, if that is what you need.

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