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User experience (UX)

What's a user journey? Surely that doesn't affect me?

It most certainly does! User journeys affect everyone.

  • Want your customer to find you in a search engine? That's a user journey.
  • Want someone to land on your website and end up buying your product? That's a user journey.
  • Going to the post office to post a letter? That's a user journey.
  • Making a cup of tea? Ok, you get the idea...

User experience (UX) and usability

Ever been frustrated with a website or application that you just don't understand, doesn't give you what you want, or doesn't react how you expect it to?

Got so disgruntled you've gone somewhere else, or slammed your laptop lid in disgust?

You've been subjected to a poor user experience, and a poor user journey.

What if that's an application you have to use daily in your job, and there's no alternative? Ugh, Horrid! We feel for you. We've all been there!

A website or application that's been designed with great usability in mind can make the difference between making a sale and not making one, getting great productivity from your team versus driving them crazy, or getting your key information across in a way that's easy to access and digest instead of completly baffling or overwhelming people (or them missing the point of your product completely).

But how will I know what usable looks like?

We'll work with you to profile your audience using personas. When we understand who your target audience is (demographics, geographic location and any other important factors) and what touchpoints they use (social media, email, search engines, as well as directly on your website) and when (at breakfast, when they arrive at their desk in the morning, while they're waiting to pick their kids up from school) we can figure out how best to reach them, how best to give them the information and functionality they need, exactly where, when, and how they need it.

You may have an internal business process that already exists, which we can start from. Couple this approach with our in-house design experience in creating usable, accessible websites and applications, and our finger-on-the-pulse knowledge of the latest UX best practices, it means when you've landed them on your product, they can easily fulfil the goal you have in mind - whether that's inputting data, authoring new content, contacting you, signing up to your email list, buying your product, or some other action... Now that's a great user journey.

Lets work together to make things easy for your customers - and your staff