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Websites and systems consolidation

Do you need help managing your online assets?

Your online presence is made up of several components that keep you in business, let's go through them:

Domain names

To be found online you need to pick a relevant and memorable domain name. Once you've chosen one that's available, there is an associated user account that will be created and renewals that need to be paid when they expire. Missing the renewal notifications can mean your website stops being found online, so it's essential to take steps to ensure that you keep your domain name registration up-to-date.

We can set up alerts for you so that there is a secondary contact here at Real Life Digital who can provide an additional layer of help when you need it.

Hosting accounts and servers

You can expect at least 2 login credentials for your hosting platform - your customer account login and the product related login (usually to access your hosting). Many more logins can be created in relation to your hosting account as either the complexity of your website grows, or when we have multiple admin accounts set up. By default, we keep all of these on file in our encrypted password store. This allows us to share the necessary access details within our trusted zone and enforce strong password storage. If you ever need to recover these passwords we can either securely transmit them to you, or issue password resets.


We can set up your emails relating to your domain name if you sign up to a hosting package that supports this. If you're a small business and only require a handful of email addresses, then this is a sensible option and keeps your costs lower by using your website server to also manage your emails. This isn't always a suitable solution, so ask us about this if email is on your list of considerations for your business.

Analytics and monitoring accounts

Yet another set of passwords to remember or keep safe somewhere. As above, we can set up and manage your Google Analytics account login details. We also suggest setting up a website monitoring service so you (and we) are alerted to issues and can fix them before you find out from your customers.

Video processing and hosting

Vimeo is our preferred service for quality and security options for video content. But if social interaction is what you're looking for then YouTube reigns supreme here. We can help you customise and align your branding across video hosting services and suggest the best solution for you based on your online objectives.

We also have the capability in-house to process and convert video content for you into a whole host of formats for a variety of applications. Tell us about your requirements and see how we can help you.

Let us help you make managing all your online assets a breeze