• Drupal SEO - written in dark blue on a light blue background. The 'O' has been replaced with the Druplicon Drupal Icon.
We are often asked by those who are new to Drupal and familiar with Wordpress - "what SEO options are available?". In order to answer this, we've put together an overview of some of the tools available for Drupal. We're only really going to scratch the surface, but here's a few things that Drupal can do for you to boost your rankings in search engine results.Read more
  • The word SEO written in the middle of a key word cloud which says things like: "meta, tags, description, ranking, google" etc.
SEO. Search engine optimisation. Where to begin with the elusive task of search engine optimisation, around which an entire industry has formed? Well, I've done some work so you don't have to. Here is a list of 12 areas you can look at to improve your SEO. This is by no means a definitive list of things you'll need to do, and the chances are that some of this information could well go out of date before very long as search algorithms constantly evolve, but hopefully a lot of this information will be relevant and helpful to you, and who knows: maybe even "get you on the first page of Google...Read more
  • 16 screenshots of the 16 featured CSS resources within the article and some text which reads 16 CSS Resources
Writing CSS is fun - at least I think it is. Some people loathe writing CSS but I love its quirks. CSS and I; we're tight, yo! Sometimes I feel like I'm Leo DiCaprio, CSS is Kate Winslet and it's all the other webby tech stuff that makes up the titanic ship we're sailing on that will eventually hit an iceberg and destroy our relationship forever! CSS has come a long way over the years and is now capable of some pretty radical stuff. In fact CSS now does so much that sometimes it's easier to use CSS generators and libraries to achieve a desired effect than doing everything from scratch. Here I...Read more
  • The logos for Drupal 8, Sass, Singularity, Breakpoint, LiveReload and gulp.js
Drupal 8 is awesome! Let's just get that right out of the way. The work that has gone in to the theme system means it is now easier than ever to spin up a custom theme and get going. However, Drupal 8 is still in it's early days and we couldn't seem to find how to get a theme up and running with some of the open-source tools that we love to use such as sass, singularity, Breakpoint, LiveReload and Gulp. And so in true open-source spirit we decided to do the legwork and share it back with all of you lovely Drupal people. We're going to presume you've installed Drupal 8 on your local...Read more
  • A large conference room packed full of people celebrating DrupalCamp London 2016
  • The official DrupalCamp London 2016 t-shirt
  • Julia being filed for the official DrupalCamp London 2016 promotional video
Every year the Drupal community meet up at various conferences and more localised camps. This weekend we attended one of the largest camps in the country - DrupalCamp London in order to connect with our peers and learn about the latest developments within the software and the community. The event is comprised of a CXO business day which Barry and Julia attended and then two days of training sessions, discussions and sprints which I then joined them for.Read more
  • An infinite swirling clock indicating time being flushed away
Welcome back. In this final installment of the series, we look at that thing that's most precious of all... time . I haven’t got time to think about the website! We hear you: You've got your day job to do! You have a to-do list as long as both your arms and sorting our your website isn't even on that list! The digital landscape is daunting and ever-evolving and that puts you off doing any research. Your website needs some serious thought, but it's going to be painful and time-consuming. What you need is some of that mythical stuff we all wish we had some of... spare time. I don't suppose that...Read more
  • Money under a magnifying glass
So this week, we're going to address the golden question - what's it going to cost me to have the website of my dreams? You know what you need, but now you have to know what you need to budget and whether you'll get value for money - or even whether you can afford the spend at all. Let's start by talking purely about the cash...Read more
  • The A Team
Welcome back for part 2 of our 4 part series on how to embark on a successful new website project. This week we ask the question "How do I know how to hire the right web team to build my website?" So you've realised by now that you need a new website that works harder for you. You've figured out what you need this website to do in order to successfully drive your business goals forward. You've convinced the person who holds the company purse strings that this is going to need to happen (we will get into budgets in part 3 next week). And now... horror - you actually need to think about how you...Read more
  • A big pile of burning money
So - you’ve decided it’s time to take the bull by the horns and get an amazing new website for your business. You’ve heard it’s the ‘thing to do’ and you’re missing out... it needs to work on mobiles and tablets (because just about everyone has them these days and is looking for info on the go), it needs to look ‘up to date’ (otherwise it makes you look like your business is behind the times) and most importantly it needs to raise your profile, generate more traffic, and in turn give you more leads and sales. But currently you have a site which was built several years ago, the content is old...Read more
  • A Macbook and an iPhone showing how a map is handled responsively on the TraffiGlove website
For the past few weeks you may have noticed we’ve been focused on responsive website design. We’ve talked about what it is , why you need it and discussed some examples of when good sites go bad . To round off, it’s only fair we discuss some of the drawbacks of responsive design… if indeed there are any.Read more