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We're passionate about helping businesses solve their everyday problems.

Your website should be so much more than a shop window; streamlining your sales and business processes.

Let us build the right website for your business.

What we do at a glance

  • Help business leaders invest wisely in tech
  • Develop websites and applications
  • Design memorable user experiences (UX)
  • Optimise for search engines (SEO)
  • Manage complex data migrations
  • Provide an end-to-end service with support


The story of how we built an exciting and modern website to showcase the important and beautiful work of a Chichester based living wall company.
The story of how we built a platform on which M&S operates most of their food division processes such as auditing, supplier processes and compliance forms.
The story of how we built a refined and responsive website for one of our most loyal clients and increased their traffic by 320%.
The story of how we empowered a highly secure data centre to easily create visually exciting landing pages and funnel their users through the sales pipeline.

Our clients choose Real Life Digital when they:

  • Are ambitious and need technical help to create a web presence, which works hard to generate sales and engage users

  • Want to work with web experts that take them seriously and take the time to ensure their project is successful

  • Are frustrated that their existing website prevents them from being in control of their content and workflows

What sets Real Life Digital apart?

  • We seek to understand your personal and business objectives before proposing solutions.

    With a deeper understanding of the desired outcomes we're able to ensure your budget is well spent and returns on investment as quickly as possible.

    Find out how

  • Our clients get excellent support by phone or email rather than just a faceless ticketing system.

    We offer a range of post-launch support packages, so that you're not left stranded and continue to benefit from continuous development.

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  • We use the Drupal framework which ensures our clients can start small and grow over time knowing they are in safe hands.

    Drupal is supported and maintained by over a million developers worldwide, meaning that you get the latest innovations for less.

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Consultancy icon - two white speech bubbles on a red circle
  • Requirements workshops to ensure we design and develop the right website for your users.
  • Digital marketing strategy to help your website work hard to reach your audience.
  • Content strategy to boost your website's search engine visiblity via organic SEO.
  • Scheduled website and security audits to keep your data and assets safe.
Websites and applications icon - nine squares on a red circle
  • Content managed Drupal websites that you can update yourself
  • Fully customised software applications to speed up your processes.
  • Iterative websites and products which can grow as you do.
  • Mobile websites and apps to engage your audience wherever they are.
Digital design icon - a white desktop monitor and pencil on a red circle
  • Responsive "mobile-friendly" website design so you're accessible across all devices.
  • Streamlined user experience (UX) to optimise your website's key user journeys.
  • Email marketing to give you the "wow factor" and increase engagement and conversion.
  • Logo design and branding guidelines to get your business and/or website back on-brand.
Infrastructure icon - a white cog on a red circle
  • Friendly support you can rely on whenever you have questions about your website.
  • A variety of website hosting options so you never have to suffer the headache.
  • Scheduled website backups so you're always insured in the worst case scenario.
  • Secure website asset management so you can focus on just creating great content.


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