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Children's construction bricks


Iterative products

I want to start small... but I have big plans!

Does this sound familiar?

Because we create many of our websites and applications with Drupal, we can start your project as simply as you want.

  • Do you need a quick and cost-effective launch?
  • ...and later when you want to add on an e-commerce system with multiple catalogues of products?
  • An area only accessible by a subset of your staff or client base?
  • A custom thing we haven't even thought of yet?

By using a modular approach we can ensure that you won't need to rebuild your website or get tied up in knots when you requirements grow.

We love constant improvement

We believe that the path to a great product isn't building something, launching it, and then leaving it out there, lonely, unloved, and expecting it to keep meeting the needs of your customers.

We can guarantee your competitors won't be doing that. And on the other end of the scale - you don't want to spend months and months building something with every bell and whistle you can think of that you think you might need, only then to find that the requirements have changed by the time you launch and most of the glorious (and expensive) functionality you just built is now unimportant, or worse, useless.

By partnering with you to create a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) not just a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), you get out there faster but without compromising the true goal of your product. And by approaching your website or application as something flexible and organic which can change as the market changes, or the needs of your customers change, you can always ensure you're ahead of the curve.

Importantly - by spreading the cost, you can manage your budget as you grow.

Minimise those big upfront costs. Only add functionality as you need it.

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